QuickBooks Download

Premier Payroll Services Inc offers a seamless solution to apply payroll information to your general ledger saving you time and improving accuracy!


What Are The Benefits Of The Quickbooks Download?

  • Premier Payroll Services, Inc will customize the journal entry so it is mapped to your specific chart of accounts
  • Distribute payroll expenses to multiple accounts and/or departments
  • Improves accuracy – no double data entry
  • Direct online access by your accountant or auditor
  • After each payroll, we instantly generate a file to provide electronic payroll data that you can apply directly to your general ledger with a couple clicks of the mouse
  • No third party involvement to apply payroll data to your general ledger

How Do You Customize To My Chart Of Accounts?

  • You provide us with your chart of accounts so we can map your accounts to your payroll
  • You can decide whether you want to:

    - Post payroll as a lump sum

    - Post departments to specific accounts

    - Post earnings, taxes, and deductions to multiple accounts

Customer Testimonial
“Premier Payroll is the best! The time and money they have saved me from hiring less help in the office for QuickBooks journal entry and the direct mailing of payroll checks out on time is great. Just one export and your payroll records are downloaded right into QB. That is a no brainer to me. Programs like this combine to give me more time that I can be out in the field helping families and caregivers.

Every time I receive a phone call from the other payroll companies to change companies, I just laugh and say, “No way, I already have tried the rest and now I have the BEST. Why would I change??”

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