Tax Filing & Accounting Services

Premier Payroll Services Inc offers accurate and timely tax filing on your behalf that can save you Time & Money!


What Are The Benefits Of Premier’s Tax Filing?

  • Federal, State, & Local Quarterly and Annual payroll taxes filed by CPAs
  • Tax Guidance on payroll tax issues
  • Costly penalties avoided with accurate and timely filing
  • Taxes impounded each payroll, which allows you to have a consistent payroll amount each pay – no more getting hit at the end of the quarter with extra taxes due!
  • W-2s & W-3s filed on your behalf with the Social Security Administration
  • 1099 for subcontractors filed on your behalf with the Internal Revenue Service
  • New Hire Reporting to appropriate state agencies
  • If you prefer to file your own taxes, we alert you to:

    - Which taxes are due

    - When they are due

    - Prepare quarterly returns and payment checks on your behalf that you only need to sign

  • We can work with your accountant or provide our own in-house accounting services through our accounting division, MW Group, LLC


Customer Testimonial
“Thanks to Premier Payroll Services I still have my sanity! They have taken all the work off my shoulders and onto theirs. I cannot thank them enough for taking care of all the payroll taxes and issues that come with a business.”
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